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Jul 14, 2012 4:30pm PDT
the twin peaks this play is so important. -- display is so important. we have to help educate others and present -- and prevent it from happening again. what happened during the holocaust must never be repeated. [applause] >> to illustrate that that same kind of it hatred -- same kind of hatred exists, we would like to welcome mr. christopher to talk about his efforts in uganda, where they try to have legislation to execute days. [applause] -- execute gays. >> what has been happening in you gonjeh. -- in uganda, in the old days of the yemen persecution of the homosexuals. homosexuality in uganda can be punished by death, hanging. and imprisonment for life. and for those who have called for homosexuality, they will be in prison for a number of years. and a woman cannot be a homosexual or else she will be punished. it will be very difficult -- the execution of the people in uganda. we thought that this bill had been forgotten or thrown out. but the support that we heard from all over the world since 2009. it has been revived. some of the leaders are behind the revival of the bill. i am
Jul 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. if you survey the city from the top of twin peaks, what you see stretching out in every direction is an expanse of concrete road race -- roadways. ms. hartley a green patch to be seen. and i have been seeing that a lot of the agreement is not really a dream but artificial turf. how can we be a green city when we replace this with artificial turf? supervisors, please do not let this be your legacy to san francisco. how about this. how about leasing this out for corporate offices? why do we not lease out city hall? mr. ginsberg, why do you not share an office, and then we can activate your office? this must not only stop, it must be reversed. no fees at the arboretum. no outside milan suggestible, -- now outside festival. perhaps mr. ginsburg does not belong on rec and park. he is unclear on what a part is. president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i live in district 9. i am a soccer mom, a teacher, and a runner. my son played the last season. this was at the last of the season. while everyone agreed that the field itself was not fantastic, and there are gopher hole
Jul 18, 2012 10:30pm PDT
that racism to continue. it appears mr. sweeney is the lipstick on this case. i expect to see the twin topics of white and two is responsible for the racial preference in hiring and promotion of civil service classifications would then the apartment building inspections agenda is for the next building inspection meeting. be advised that if i reasonable request is not honored, it will intensify efforts to correct this very serious problem, but outside and inside the jurisdiction of this commission. i believe racism is not allowable from a moral and legal standpoint. i will not allow it. i will not allow racism without inserting michael efforts to combat it. as to the process is now just beginning. i will see you next month. >> any additional general public comment on items not on the agenda? >> good morning, commissioners. my name is robert davis. i would like to ask a few questions and make sure they are discussed today. the second one is the open director hearings on the books since 1996 and the more than 750 orders of the abatement that are on the books since the year 2000. i mentioned thos
Jul 24, 2012 8:00am PDT
long ago. history repeats itself. that is why 26 -- excuse me, that is why the twin peaks this play is so important. -- display is so important. we have to help educate others we have to help educate others and present -- and prevent it
Jul 24, 2012 8:30am PDT
will be looking up to the twin peaks and seeing the bright colors identifying this mark, remembering what it means, educating other generations. i have to admit, when i looked down on this hill, i also got other memories. we had to get the goats up here. i am still seeing these dotes on the hillside. where are they? [laughter] patrick, thank you again for all of the effort to clean this up. you see these busloads of visitors who are wondering what it is and they get educated on the meaning of our city. the other thing i want to say -- nancy pelosi has been such a wonderful leader triet -- leader. it has been through her efforts, following her, when the federal government was unable to provide the funds to have enough money for hiv, the state, all of her efforts, the budget was not there. we had a little bit of luck in san francisco. we followed their leadership and we made those cuts with the wonderful relationship of the mayor's office working with all of the members of the board of supervisors. that is how we work together. we do not use an excuse. it is all of our responsibility to make sure th
Jul 27, 2012 9:00pm PDT
as a parent. we are parents of 4.5-year-old voice/girl twins who are too young to enter kindergarten this year. as we prepare them, we have been entered into a program that offers a program more academically than commonly found in a carriage with preschool programs. we're excited to hear about the kids academy, as we are both working parents. the proximity to our home is of great value to our family. we appreciate the respect with regard to the church building and community, and the neighboring school and residents. please consider the need of all san francisco families to have options and access, for the lifetime corporation and success of their families. additionally, i would like to read a letter from parents of the sister's school, in support of the of the kids academy. we love the convenience of having a school close to home. we can walk to the school, and it makes us feel safe. it is hard to find schools that offer full care. it makes it easier having a school that is close to home. since our children have been enrolled, they have become a creative, talkative bunch. they have grown both
Jul 1, 2012 1:30pm PDT
of the unanimous vote of the twin peaks council strongly opposing that -- and i think that it has led you all to stop ignoring us and maybe start taking us seriously, because we represent the mainstream and majority of people in san francisco. that is why i support the language in the bond as amended. i am grateful to the committee for taking our concerns seriously and revising the bond language to make sure this bond will not be sent. thank you for listening to us. supervisor elsbernd: thank you very much. please come forward. >> good morning. my name is linda shaffer. i have things are like to briefly add. first of all, as a person citizen volunteers serving on the city park recreation and open space advisory, representing district 10, i am delighted that even more money is flowing in the direction of mclaren park as a result of this amendment. i look forward to look -- working with the wonderful people in district 10 and 9 and 11 in support of this bond that will make them all very happy. the second thing i would like to say is of the city i moved to san francisco's six years ago, and i am
Jul 4, 2012 8:30am PDT
is robert olson, homeowners in san francisco. 25 years, balboa terrace, west of twin peaks, and a 25 year resident at the harbor, slip holder in a 30 foot slipped, one of the smaller ones there. one of the things that i guess i am concerned about is, as mentioned previously, the very short time fuse that was given to notify us in the harbor. last monday, one week ago, yesterday, was when we first heard that anything was happening in the meeting that was going to present to us where we were going and what the rates were going to be, with dramatic increases, which were three days later, at the harbor. at that meeting it was presented as a pretty much -- this is the way it will be, rather than having a dialogue between harbor residents and port authority. in looking further into it, the tattersall survey that i believe the you have, there is a two page graphic that identifies various harbors around the area. i did my own very brief survey, having a 30 foot slipped, and questioned during the meeting as to what harbors were included in there. that information was not available. the comment was
Jul 5, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and in open spaces from the presidio down to maclaren. on the glen canyon, twin peaks, mount davidson peace is the park. we used the bond funds to make a significant contribution toward making that isn't real. and doing work at those three sites. supervisor elsbernd: i do not think the answer -- there is the potential there may be some programs that could be funded by this, correct? >> there is overlap between the sites where we would want to do trailed restoration and sites that are included in the natural areas plan. supervisor elsbernd: more likely than not, the eir will not be here until, best case, 12 months from now realistically. could be longer. if you had to put a dollar figure on that program -- a ball park, the whole program? >> all the projects? supervisor elsbernd: and assuming it got approved. how much? >> the natural areas plan includes over 32 distinct park sites including sharp park which is 400 acres and it includes large portions of mcclaren which is over 100 acres. to be conservative, you'd be talking $30 million or $40 million. arrange to do everything -- a range to do
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)